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Welcome to the Woolaston Parish Council Website


Woolaston is a rural parish in gently sloping farmland rising from the north bank of the River Severn in the west of the County of Gloucestershire in the UK.  It is on the western edge of the Forest of Dean and close to the Wye Valley on the A48 road between Chepstow and Lydney.

Your action needed over the latest Minerals Local Plan

In 1997  Woolaston Against Quarrying (WAQ) was born out of fear that Gloucestershire Minerals Local Plan 1997-2006 would include a large area along the Hewelsfield Plateau as part of the required landbank for crushed limestone.

Woolaston would have been affected by the opening of a new super-quarry with a large increase in lorry traffic on all local roads with the possibility of a new road being driven down the escarpment joining the B4228 to the A48.  WAQ was dissolved in 2003 once that Minerals Local Plan had been adopted without the inclusion of an area in Hewelsfield.


But, the threat has returned with the start of the consultation process for the next Minerals Local Plan in which the Hewelsfield site features once again.  


Your action is needed to comment on the latest proposals which can be found in the consultative document on the Gloucestershire County Council website HERE.  This is, unfortunately, a tediously long document but it is important to the future of the village; the most relevant part to the Hewelsfield site starts on page 50 (page 51 in a PDF reader) although the previous few pages relating to the quarry at Stowfield are also relevant to our area.


You are urged to make your views heard by making comments on the Minerals Local Plan to Gloucestershire County Council.

You may find it useful to refer to the Inspectors Report into the previous Minerals Local Plan, HERE, and the County Council’s Consideration of the Inspectors Report, HERE.


The closing date for the consultation is the 18th August 2014 so please make your views heard now

This website has been established and is maintained by Woolaston Parish Council as a source of local information for, and about, the local community.

Please click on one of the side links to find out more about the Village, Woolaston Parish Council and the community it serves.

If you think that there is some content that could be usefully added to this website, have noticed a broken link or have spotted an error please e-mail info@woolaston.org.uk

This website was updated on 10 August 2014
Home & The Village pages updated.


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Woolaston Parish Council

Woolaston Memorial Hall

Public Meeting to discuss

The Minerals Local Plan

which shows possible quarrying sites in the area


The Local Allocations Plan

which shows possible development sites in the village

Meeting to be held in the

Memorial Hall on Thursday 14th August at 8.00pm

See two articles below for details

The Local Allocations Plan

Is a consultative document which forms the basis for future building development in the village.

The full document can be seen HERE and the section relevant to Woolaston is HERE.

The closing date for this consultation is the 15th September 2014 so please make your views heard now